John Bell

… the giant of theoretical physics – was British. Just saying; because wherever I read about him he’s mentioned variously as Swiss, American or Irish.

He was born in Belfast in 1928. Two degrees from Belfast University then phd from Birmingham. He then worked at Harwell as a British civil scientist. Later he moved to CERN (Switzerland). He spent a year in USA.

What did he achieve? Just this.. his Bells Theorem settles the 40 year old argument between Einstein (et al) and Bohr. What that means is that the universe is singular, connected – with all parts no matter how distant instantaneously influencing all parts. It underpins David Bohm’s breakthrough work showing that reality is a single unboundaried flux or stream, with thoughts and matter as evanescent eddies and whirlpools. The model of the universe built up over centuries as material, atomic – is simply wrong.

Does it matter what nationality he was? No. But truth does…

John Bell, the Iona Community and Synchronicity

John Bell of the Iona Community in his thought for the day this morning on BBC Radio 4 referred to the mythical tree of knowledge as “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. It is my contention, and I think supported by quantum mechanics, that we are observers weaving existence from the stuff of potential. (Schroedinger’s cat..). The thought in the blog “evil, a problem of boundary” was only 6 hours old. It was attempting to address the theological issue of the “problem of evil”. The thought is simple. In this world we are born into boundary. Nothing can be experienced except in relation to it’s opposite or converse – thus experience is dependent on boundaries. It is we – who create both evil and good through our observations. (Niels Bohr..). Both evil and good are products of human kind and not of a creator. As a pointer toward the underlying love in the universe – Teilhard de Chardin’s underlying driver of evolution – could we get better than the example of Nelson Mandela. He integrated good and evil and spun them into something larger…

And then John Bell was on air – and put it charmingly, simply. As ever.