The force of the Unconscious

There is an upward bubbling pressure from the unconscious that directs our outward activity. If we are aware of this, through analysis, reflection or meditation – we are able to separate this white noise out from the real “me” which exists of course as the “see” to the “saw” of all else that is…

But the pressure from the upward currents from the unconscious has another purpose, which is an impulse to seek, find and play – in other words to interact – which is the basis of existence itself. Possibly this drive to connect comes from Jung’s “collective unconcious” – a place where we are already in a state of flow together.

Without this impulse and force we would spin out of orbit as directionless ego-planets in a void of emotional space. The strong emotional impulses of our unconscious are in fact akin to a gravitational force to pull us together into a state of re-integration.

Consciousness, Life and Death

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin proposes (“The Phenomenon of Man”) stages of evolution from physical through chemical, biological and now of ideas. He proposes that all matter/energy has an element of consciousness, and that evolution leads to its concrescence. Man is one breakthrough with the emergence of self-awareness; the next being awareness of All/God at what he calls “the Omega point”. 

This “self-awareness” is roughly equivalent to the boundary that many of us place on life. It is hard to believe in that which is beyond what I believe to be “me”. It’s an extraordinary assumption though that “I” is all there is. Perhaps death releases us from this imprisoning prism, into a consciousness of All/God.

We may each then have our own Omega Point.


And then, when all is said and done
The tulips wilting on the table

Incandescent, a setting sun

Dissolving edges,

a sugar cube melting into memory of sweetness

And falling, fading, failing, I was found,

Finding that we founder all

and drowning, wave like starfish in the tidal race

formless ganglia where giant currents

Snap, and pulse – crackle-pop – an electric storm

Crescendo, sforzando love crashing

Through us to break upon this world’s shore

To limn the beach and leave our canvass pristine on which

The finger moves, and having writ moves on

A Jeremiad against millennials 

Less than a decade ago my two millennial  children and their friends made me go on a march against globalisation. They (rightly) saw the dangers of Neo-liberalism – in the form of multinationals and their captive organisations (yes the EU was seen as one of those) – implementing increasing regulation favouring international capital.

I was convinced. I ditched the  SUV, bought a bike and struggled to buy local and organic.

I began to see the millennial generation as a voice of conscience. A mirror held up to the narissism of baby boomers. 

I was made to watch Adam Curtis’ “Century of Self”. Yes, I realised then that my career in marketing had been a long lie, helping transform citizens into consumers, thus to be more easily controlled by the organs of capitalism.

Since then the EU (commission) seeks to implement TTIP, which has to be the epitome of what millennials are resisting.

Of course I think, millennials will voting to leave the EU.

But no?!

In fact this generation feel “betrayed” by the British public’s rejection of the EU, as currently and undemocratically constituted.

Well, make your mind up. 

Fortunately (?) I scrambled on board with my children’s passionate “remain” vote. But I’m confused. Either millennials have abandoned principle in favour of self-interest, or they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the organs of capitalism. 

Strangely, I suspect Jeremy Corbyn (aged 70) had the right instinct – to resist globalisation and the onslaught  of capital; but what use are convictions without courage?