You join up the dots of the stars my love

With your patterned impassionate being

Reflecting below what’s mirrored above

Rich-sequined your fabric of feeling

Casually spendthrift the joy that you’ve sewn

Causally spindrift, engagingly freed

Harvesting concepts, organically grown

Wittily warm anthropological creed

The gilded arpeggio of moonlight

Which butterfly soft-wings your thinking

Fritillary froth-daffled the insight

Of your Mesopotamian a-musing

disarmingly charmingly, conspiring

In a furnace of creative inquiring


As it is with you
presto accelerandissimissimo
Raveling one steppe at a time, our Kensington debussant. Close-coupled at the ice-break prow
from nights on your bare mountain
over through and on
touch and push, wellington heels in mud
gurgling moonbright splinter
shining, glowing, giggling in a blanket
embracing, holding, sprinting
drawing toward the outline of your own smile