What’s the matter?

Or put another way, what actually is it, and does it exist at all? John Bell, the physicist, settled the 40 year old argument between Einstein and Neil’s Bohr and the Quantum sciences. What Bells Theorum (since proved experimentally) means is just this..

The universe is singular, connected. All parts no matter how distant instantaneously influence all other parts. Bells Theorum underpins David Bohm’s breakthroughs, arising from his work with Einstein at Princeton. This appears to show that reality is a single unboundaried flux or stream, with thoughts and matter as evanescent eddies and whirlpools. The model of the universe built up over centuries as material, atomic – is simply wrong.

In fact everything is dual – both wave and particle. That from quantum mechanics. Also matter is really a form of energy (e=mc2).

So everything is one, and that one thing is a complexity of energy and waves. Our conscious thought and matter, eddies and ripples in the one thing. Sounds like something from Hindu writing? It’s also prefigured by the beliefs of the oldest European cultures, with the three sisters of Wyrd spinning fate in the roots of Yggdrasil- the Tree of Life.

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