Torrents a-gurgling

We danced as we gathered

Fresh sublimation of triple-point stars

To the covalent ceildh of clouds

Skylark ascending acceleration of joy

Heel-toe the tapping magnetic the tempo

Crescendo the cresting


Swooping tangiential

Pregnant with knowing

Out flowing in ozone of love

Raining, tip-tripping we’re falling, soft folding away

Each in our droplet, clear-crystalline skin

Singly we sing, conjoint in orchestral skein

And tip-tap-tip slip-slopping

Hoh o hoh tippie-toe flowing

Torrents a-gurgling, giggle-atumbling

Drenching dry frictional sand

Glisten to demara-gold strand

Irresistably streaming

Mixing dust into lusting

Slaking memory with fire

Returning we quaff

As we laugh.

Phlebas the Phoenician, reconstituted

Crying was pulled from the deep sea swell

Wrenched through world enough, and time

(Prophecy lost)

To act again on the stage of her youth

Through this whirlpool ent’ring the clouds (trailing glory)

Through tongues of fire she arose

(To be won)

The journey of water starts as molecule – HoH – evaporated from that sea, arising to form clouds, alive with brownian motion. On the one hand water represents eternal bonding – with the hydrogen and the oxygen atoms held-together through their covalent cloud of electrons through endless cycles of rebirth. A trinity. On the other – they associate variously – in droplets falling, through the rivers to the ocean. Together water retains a memory. (Mixing memory and desire). Water has a triple-point – at 0.1 degrees celcius at atmospheric pressure – where it’s different forms – solid, liquid and gas – are in equilibrium. The phase-change between ice and gas without passing through the liquid state – is called sublimation. An image of resurrection.

Four Degrees of Freedom

Infinitely infolding the stencilled outlines

of myriad hints projected on to unprotected space.

Whither shadow thoughts, which edge rebound?

Colder now, but lighter.

Not sinking, not drowning.

This point at which by volume sheer

We fight and dagger pointed, strike to pierce the heart

Where formless void lies broken-backed

In its rich tumble of bicarbonate fluorescence.

But the bubble where joy is mirrored to sudden birth

Is this bright, slight shiver of delight

Here, now. As fluid links decouple and we turn to rise up

Crystallising inter-dependence that maketh our soul’s skin


Water is a miraculous substance. Without its properties life would not be. It is unique. Water as liquid carries memory. It is unique in that as it cools it reaches a point – at 4 degrees celcius – where instead of getting heavier as it cools – it starts to become lighter. This means that ice crystals form on the surface of liquid water – allowing life to grow below. Each and every ice crystal is unique. Different from all others that ever were or will be. Each crystal was born somewhere near Zero degrees centigrade, but the gestation began earlier at a turning point of 4 degrees.

What does it feel like as infinitely connected but edge-less water starts to rise toward crystalline separation with edges that connect in a giant structured lattice?

Water is a miraculous substance.