Unconsciously we’re already immortal

Carl Jung first wrote about the “collective unconscious”. This lies below and as a foundation of our own individual unconscious. It is a pooling between us, now and in the past. It is also one gateway (I believe) to the shared life beyond the fragility of our mind in the life – our material consciousness – the Brahman of Hinduism or Nirvana of Buddhism, that can be glimpsed through meditation.

The collective unconscious speaks in a language both of archetypes and mandalas. Archetypes are the powerful shared images which make so many movies effective   for instance the monster in the dark of horror films and the ecstasy of union and community of Avatar. Mandalas reflect perfection in images and seem, at least to me to be linked to the beautiful fractals of chaos theory that underlay existence. (look at free fractal apps on your iPhone for a direct view of reality!).

It is only our mind, this particular consciousness that dies, this is anyway an illusion. If we can connect  to the shared stream of unconsciousness now , then we already experience our immortality. Through prayer, meditation, connection with our loved ones or nature – even the cinema. After all, the movies are right, forget what people call it – Avatar is what awaits. May the Force be with us.

And the answer is…… Pinocchio

So, I whistle. I’m often not consciously aware of it, but there it is. This evening I found myself whistling the theme tune to Pinoccio. There are no strings on me. It made me smile because it reminded me of my children’s favourite saying as teenagers – “you’re not the boss of me”.

Anyway. There I was – suddenly aware of whistling this tune. It seemed to speak to me – an answer to a question.

If the answer is Pinocchio, what is the question. What is free will?

My conscious mind is still trying to work that out, because my unconscious is so sure that Pinocchio is an important answer.