On this day, just before 3pm, as the sky and outlook is darkest. Surely we humans are incapable of redemption without disaster. We are destroying this, our earth. Russians and the West face off to war yet again. Google is moving toward making our humanity an adjunct of its electronic controlled universe. Our children relate with each other through screens rather than face to face. Syrians act with a barbarism not seen since Hitler to their citizens. 1/3 of the world’s population are starving, 1/3 have far too much (me included). Materialism thrives – the new religion – sedating each of us into an animal rather than spiritual state.  Which of us has faith that alone we humans will control our exploding population, or enable just societies where all have respect and place?


Thank goodness for Christ’s passion, hope and the Easter redemption which is coming.




Passionate Shades of Grey

Or the utility of Being Wrong

I believe passionately in any argument I propound. And yet…

When I look back on those beliefs I can see that I’ve since modified my views as a result of engaged debate. Do you have this experience? In the heat of debate we see things in black and white. As we cool we begin to see the other point of view and the world becomes shaded, grey.

I am one of four brothers and my father used to rouse and carouse us into “big” arguments about anything and everything. He would then change to support the opposing argument and encourage us to do the same thing. I found – and have found since – that the result is a realisation that almost everyone has a valid perspective.

It occurs to me that I should try more often to realise – in the heat of debate – that I can be wrong about the point that I am arguing. It’s by arguing the opposite that we can get to a deeper insight. Indeed it is possibly only because of the years that I spent trying to experience life without God that I have deepened my belief and personal connection.

There is an utility to considering that we might be wrong, and – most things are shades of grey (but perhaps I’m wrong about that?)