Lizzie’s Lament

This is for you Elizabeth. Happy Birthday. I hope you appreciate the irony. (Your’e neither a Lizzie, nor Lamentable. You should never have made such a fuss about use of your proper name – Bet’y !)

Piano’s out of tune, but then – after all these years so am I…

He who made the M my dear, He made the timely C

He equated it to thee my dear, to shape our lovely E

Perfected in your Mass my dear, your vibrant energy 

You lighten life for all my dear, and surely so for me

G and A and U my dear, A and G and thee

spells your crystal age my dear, a diamond jubilee


Gervase x

Ivor Culture

Hey P


I haven’t heard from you for a while? Anyway I was reminded of you because last night I saw this great Mark Morris show to Ivor Cutler’s music and poems. I thought of you there in Glasgow. Have you ever been to London? What a great place. Saw an exhibition by Paul Klee (hadn’t crossed my radar before.. blown away). Somehow Ivor and Paul seem to belong together – an unlikely couple I know, but there you are… maybe they’re in the dog haus together?

By the way, 3 years after your birthday I’m still working on my present of you – or your present to me (Now? ha ha?). I’ve put a recording below. Don’t know if you still read my letters, but if so hope to hear from you soon.