Everlasting life

Of course this is true..

1 e=mc2.. matter and energy are the same thing. We are energy

2 law of thermodynamics. Energy as always conserved. Never lost. It just changes form

3 the water you drink has been through many other people. In your lifetime every molecule in your body has been replaced many times. As you age your body is made up of molecules that have been part of other s, and vice versa

4 there are no boundaries. Matter and energy is fuzzy and exerts influence throughout the universe. There aren’t any clear boundaries to protons, electrons etc. Literally even our molecules are already partly existing entangled with everything else, everywhere.

5 Heard of Schrödinger’s cat? Well quantum physics shows that it is the act of observation that crystallises infinite potential into a particular form. The act of observation. What is observation? Does the act of observation die? There really is something the separate from matter and energy that influences and creates a particular reality. Separate from mass and energy.

6 we absolutely all know that after a loved one’s body ceases to hold together, life still goes on. Right. ( what is life – another day). So what do we mean when we say someone dies? Their molecules are incorporated into other things, as they always have. Their acts of observation continue .. they have influenced what we have together crystallises out – this particular reality. They are part of the story. Are they they just in the past?. But

7 Einstein’s relativity shows that time and space are part of one thing – spacetime. So is the past actually in the past? (Eliot wakes one up to this in The Four Quartets)

8 so what do we mourn when we say someone has died? I hold that it is their ego. And next up is why I think the ego is an illusion. We shake that off – stunning realisation. We are part of everything, now and for ever. so

Next time. Why the ego is an illusion…