The scientists’ future


Pretty simple really. We go all the way back down to 5 million global population, maybe a bit less. Yup, that’s a wipe out event of around 7.7 billion of us coming to a planet near you soon.

Why? Well, ask yourself. Do you see us changing behaviour BEFORE a catastrophe? In a world where 50% of Americans vote for Donald Trump? We compete, we exploit, we see the Chinese, the Arab, the European, Nature – as other.

And the thing is, ecosystems respond to exponential population growth with a catastrophic event. On the biologist reading it’s only really a question of WHAT wipes us. Could be nuclear war, could be catastrophic climate change, could be flip of the ecosystem.

.. next up. The future, according to Yuval Noah Harari

(Don’t worry, eventually we’ll get to the future, according to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)