Difficult to control?!

A thought to unite us all in the United Kingdom. I heard on the radio yesterday that the EU Commission was worried because probably the next EU Parliament would be “difficult to control”. If we send our tranche of MEPs there – maybe it will become so “difficult to control” that it turns the EU into a democracy…

(the EU Commission is I believe a deeply corrupt tool of global capital. The European peoples need to put them into a back room to do their will)



Hoi Poloi

Let us fight for the idea of Europe. Let it though be a Europe as a democracy.

The current path is toward a politicracy – rule by and in the interests of the chattering and political elite. What we need, and will happen peacefully or violently – is to get back to rule by hoi poloi.. An Old concept that we seem to be forgetting. Invented in Greece not Brussels. Democracy.

Odd isn’t it that Britain is reviled by the continental political classes as being “uneuropean” . Yet we are the peoples who actually obey the club rules, we are the biggest per capita net contributor 11.3 BIllion euros in 2013 and rising.. And we fought for European freedoms last century.

Britons won’t stand for ever for this nonsense. But. It’s the cosy smoke filled room decision making that must be swept away. Not the concept of cooperation and peaceful non nationalistic communion. Europe as a USA style federal democracy.. not oh NOT rule by Brussels fat cat insiders …

If Europe is not reformed so that the people are re-empowered then I’m rather afraid we’ll have to go through the nasty taste of nationalism again with all of its attendant division and ultimately of violence.

So, let us fight for the ideal of a democratic Europe.