Century of the Self: Freud as Devil’s Advocate ?

Curtis’ documentary series from 2002 told the story of the establishment’s use of psychoanalysis to manipulate the common man. The deliberate conversion of citizen to consumer, the introduction of greed as materialist solvent to wash away community.

Materialism through desire – opiate of the masses.

All this flowed from Freud and his offspring. They discovered and disseminated the mechanics of manipulation through exploitation of the unconscious.

What a pity that the world followed Freud not Jung – who after all insisted on spiritual balancing material.

However perhaps it’s no coincidence.

He who would want to control his fellow man for selfish material ends – must after all have an atrophied or suppressed spiritual life. Such a person would surely choose an atheist psychoanalist as a tool? After all that allows efficient use of emotional control without the inconvenience of guilt.

So – Freudians as devils advocates ?

Were Sigmund Freud , Anna Freud, Bernays and the like conscious of their role in the process toward Thatcherism and Reaganomics?