Truth in a motto?

As you walk into Paddington Station in London you see a Victorian shield with the mottos of the Great Western Railway. “Domine dirige nos” and “Virtute et industrial”. Now it’s a long time since my Latin lessons but Im told they’d mean something like “the Lord directs us” and “virtue and work”. These mottos may even have been true of Victorian Britain, indeed I have read that unlike the Dickensian depiction, poverty was substantially less common then.

In any event, what would be the modern equivalent?

In a world where fortunes are made by the likes of Donald Trump, what would be their motto? Perhaps, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’

We’ve come a long way from Brunel, that greatest of British inventors. The engineer who was the inspiration of the Great Western Railway.

Which way are we travelling though?