Difficult to control?!

A thought to unite us all in the United Kingdom. I heard on the radio yesterday that the EU Commission was worried because probably the next EU Parliament would be “difficult to control”. If we send our tranche of MEPs there – maybe it will become so “difficult to control” that it turns the EU into a democracy…

(the EU Commission is I believe a deeply corrupt tool of global capital. The European peoples need to put them into a back room to do their will)



Remainer no more..

Brexit. There was an interesting poll conducted by The Observer. When asked “Do you think leaving the European Union will ultimately be good or bad for the UK?” – the answer was 34%/39% Good/Bad – for the next few years but 51%/25% Good/Bad in 10-20 years time. Also that there is little appetite for a second referendum or remaining in the EU now. I resonate with this. Actually the way the EU has acted toward the UK since the referendum has turned me from a Remainer into a Leaver. The EU can, no doubt, take a revenge on the citizens of this country which makes the leaving process nasty. I suspect this wouldn’t be forgotten and would leave a profound and bitter anti European sentiment in the UK. In any event, lets remind ourselves that – we have a negative trade deficit of c £70bn per annum with the EU and contribute a net £20bn for the privilege. We just couldn’t continue like that anyway. It only benefits the City of London with it’s mobile super-rich. .. and for these continuing payments, what have we received?Though we have always obeyed the EU rules (unlike for instance many mediterranean countries) we have been castigated over decades as “un-European” (whatever that means).

What seems to me more important than the fact that we are leaving, is what kind of country will we become. What is our vision? Please, Lord, can it be something different from a see-saw between bankrupting Labour nonsense and venal Conservativism.

Political Vibration

There is always difference of opinion. Consciousness requires boundary; an other must be established in order for there to be a conscious self. An “I” (Ich) requires a dance with a “Thou” (Du). Reality is the dynamic balance that results from the interplay of opposites.

But balance can be achieved with different dynamics.. A child’s see-saw has a balance – but with big amplitude waves – whereas as we stand we unconsciously make fine adjustments to stay upright.

And of course, opposites are related to each other. They are in a sense part of the same thing; coins with two sides.  Mrs Thatcher was a consequence of Arthur Scarghill – in a way a part of the same system. Donald Trump’s appeal and Daish are parts of systems reacting to each other. Brexit and Boris Johnson is a response to Euro-fanaticism and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Why are the swings in politics so severe now? Is it simply that we have had decades of stability in the west and that we’re due for challenges? Is it the pressure of global population growth? Is it the split between those who have and the rest of humanity?

Whatever, it is the duty of civilised peoples to work to temper the big swings, to be considerate in our language and to see the point of view of the other.

Otherwise, we’ll all fall off the global see-saw together.

Why Brexit is a vote for democracy

Do you know how the EU works? Watch Jeremy Paxman’s BBC documentary. So..

Laws are framed and developed by the Council and Commission. In each of these the UK has one vote out of 28 (by the way Luxembourg has the same status in voting). That means that UK has something like a 3% voice (we are around 12% of EU population). The Parliament ratifies these laws (yes, it always does). We have 73 out of 750 MEP’s, around 10% (we are around 12% of EU population). These laws are then simply instructed to our (democratic) parliament as Directives or simply written into UK law by the EU as Regulations. Around 59% of our laws are imposed like that.

Yup, Britain is ruled by unelected Europeans.

By the way, the European Court of Justice is the supreme arbiter of these laws (not any kind of UK court). And guess what – these judges are appointed not elected.

For those of you who believe that the EU is always going to be a socialist institution, so in some way moderating elected conservative UK governments, consider this; only 70 years ago the European trend was fascism (Italy, Germany, Spain as small examples). Austria is about to elect a hard right president. So for you Guardian readers, imagine it’s fascist laws imposed on us. Still ok with letting democracy go?

Those voices, like mine, who want us to consider these issues are castigated as somehow “little England”, prejudiced. This reminds me of the attempt to join us up to the Euro. Remember how the same people (the European elite who have their snouts in our trough) played out the same slur. By the way the same people back then told warned us of armaggedon if we failed to join the Euro.

Seem familiar?