Scotland. Dependence and Poverty Beckon

Scotland. Dependence and Poverty Beckon

Consider this. Scotland spends 9% more than it earns (it has a 9% negative GDP). That’s before the coronavirus. 

How does we balance the books then? Right now we arebanked by the UK Treasury. Quite right. The union was a Scottish project (King James). We survive in lockdown because the UK can borrow at very low interest rates. And subsidises Scotland to the tune of £2,000 per person through the Barnet formula. 

OK then. So 58% of Scots apparently want to unhitch themselves from this onerous arrangement. We are told by our SNP government that “it’ll be all right on the night”. How?What are the options?

First – become a member of the EU. With a 9% negative GDP? We’d have to first endure the pain of getting under 3% negative GPD. A bigger shock than that to Ireland after the financial crash. And, we’d be doing this our own. We’d have to endure a period of poverty and isolation first. Without the helping hand of the RUK (rest of the UK). The people we’vejust abandoned.

Second – be completely on our own. A small country with an independent currency. Oh and the 9% negative GDP. Doesn’t this add up to a quick road to the bankruptcy? It was of course Scotland’s bankruptcy (caused by the Darien Crisis) that led the Scots to petition for union in 1707. (Incidentally fiercely resisted by much of the English parliament). I don’t see this as “independence” in any proper sense. It would more likely lead to increased dependence on England. This time without representation.

Third – retain the pound and  continue to live within the shelter of our common currency. But without representationwe would be “takers” of the rules of that currency and peoples. 

I truly don’t get it. You have to ask – independence from what? To do what?

Right now we have a Scottish national government, with local decision making on everything significant, except a shared foreign policy, treasury and defence. We combine this with over-representation within the UK parliament which determines those matters. Don’t believe that? Just wait for the next parliament when Labour and SNP together have a majority and can forge a new fairer social Britain. 

There is a religious wing of the SNP. I say religious. Independence, damn the consequences for the people. What’sthat then? It is this wing who are pressing for another referendum. They want to take advantage Coronavirus, blind the people to facts; and most of all get the thing done before Britain throws out the Tories in 2024.