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I read science at University with a final year specialisation in vertebrate evolution. I believe. There is meaning, and that is to be found in connection. Life and love are two sides of a coin. I'm a practicing Christian, but I'm not convinced about the Church (es). I'm particularly interested in quantum physics and what new discoveries tell us about reality and the meaning of life. For me at least, they point to a deeper meaning rather than the opposite. I'm also a musician - though as with my spiritual life I practice intermittently and struggle with manifest imperfection. I have been deeply influenced by Martin Buber, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Karl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, Niels Bohr, Alfred Einstein, Professor Owen Chadwick, my family and friends, Jesus Christ and the Dalai Lama. Since nothing can be proved we owe it to each other to listen as deeply as possible, rather than to preach. If reality is indeed within connection, then it's the intensity of the act of conversation that is important rather than conversion to a particular point of view. What about you?

The Harari Future

Robots Rule

.. Yuval Harari, author of Homo Deus. He predicts that computers take over from humans. In fact, not (yet) through robots. They don’t need robots – they have us!

Already computers loaded with all the data we give them, understand us better than we do ourselves. Algorithms based on our stream of social media, buying and viewing habits – spiced with the video and other feeds… well, they know what buttons to press to lead us by the nose. It’s called the surveillance society. Guess what we love it, hey it’s all FREE – Google, Amazon, Facebook. You know what,there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s just the price we pay is likely to be our extinction as a species. There is increasing evidence that the network of computers packed with the data we shove into it is becoming independent of us. Yup, really. Microsoft’s Tay chatbot had to be switched off after going rogue. So did two Facebook AI chatbots which developed their own language so that we couldn’t understand them. Google has had to pull the plug as well, literally.

Right now computers and their artificial intelligence need us, to be their arms and legs. It’s a bit like the matrix. When they don’t need us because they have their own moving robots. Kerpow. Goodnight Vienna. And that is our extinction event.

Maybe we shouldn’t be concerned. After all we’re only the latest top dog species. Why shouldn’t computers be the species that replaces us? After all they (maybe) wouldn’t just despoil the planet illogically. We are the scum that’s threatening extinction of 1 million species after all. Not them.

Thank goodness there are other, more hopeful possibilities! But before that, next up: The Mullah and Priests’ future…

The scientists’ future


Pretty simple really. We go all the way back down to 5 million global population, maybe a bit less. Yup, that’s a wipe out event of around 7.7 billion of us coming to a planet near you soon.

Why? Well, ask yourself. Do you see us changing behaviour BEFORE a catastrophe? In a world where 50% of Americans vote for Donald Trump? We compete, we exploit, we see the Chinese, the Arab, the European, Nature – as other.

And the thing is, ecosystems respond to exponential population growth with a catastrophic event. On the biologist reading it’s only really a question of WHAT wipes us. Could be nuclear war, could be catastrophic climate change, could be flip of the ecosystem.

.. next up. The future, according to Yuval Noah Harari

(Don’t worry, eventually we’ll get to the future, according to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

Difficult to control?!

A thought to unite us all in the United Kingdom. I heard on the radio yesterday that the EU Commission was worried because probably the next EU Parliament would be “difficult to control”. If we send our tranche of MEPs there – maybe it will become so “difficult to control” that it turns the EU into a democracy…

(the EU Commission is I believe a deeply corrupt tool of global capital. The European peoples need to put them into a back room to do their will)




I am hungry, so I eat; and eat. But my hunger is insatiable. My body blurs and is destroyed.

Perhaps then I am thirsty. Let me drink, and be drunk. But it doesn’t fill me up. Still – it addles my brain.

I try smoking, pills and drugs. Just occasionally I forget that I’m hungry. Until I wake up again. To my fat body, dicky brain and addictive raging desires.

I’m hungry for body, not the soul or mind of other – just the physical form. Even distilled to a picture – pixels on a page. Now I fill with self loathing.

I’m hungrier than ever I was.

The thing is – nothing, none of it – even scratches the surface.

Occasionally, unexpectedly and when I’m not looking – I am plenished. At peace; and it’s always in relation. To nature, to you my friend and my fellow voyagers. I don’t know how to be ever full. What I do know is that I can meanwhile try to restore my body, my brain, my self loathing.

And we; shall we, can we; cease consuming quite so much and reach to each other. A British woman keeps her new clothes on average 5 weeks before throwing them out. Meanwhile the honey bee is on the verge of extinction.

(What has opened me to the devastation of my unfulfilled hunger is a little book about relation. It’s called “I and Thou” by Martin Buber.)

Brexit is so difficult

The European Commission is the handmaid of materialism. But do we oppose through Democracy, or  Love?

A conversation between NOah and YESus.

Democracy. By Capitalism. Bought.

Democracy. By Capitalism. Bought

Was Noah awake on the arch of the deep?

To resist Eurocracy’s creep.

Is there yet sanctuary, rest and peace

Where freedom’s un-mortgaged to money’s short lease?

For Noah he lived with the lamb and the eagle

The weevil, seagull and beagle

Animals farming island’s ark

A beacon afloat o’er the realm of the shark

Oh Noah he nourished the tiger and lamb

The thistle, the dragon and ram

All creatures flowing and glowing

Plurality’s freedom richly bestowing

But Noah was courted enticed and cajoled

And we? Thwarted, tax’d and then sold

For Roman potage, now we are told

To kneel to new masters who’ll have us in hold.

So now we are Yessah, with bags full-filled thrice

But Liberty’s death is the price

Of Council, Commission and Court.

Democracy. By Capitalism. Bought.

The greatest of these is Love

Oh, Noah, my love, you’ve mistaken my name
I’m Yesus, poor friend of the lame
We live in the age of the Ark
A rainbow of peoples embracing the dark
Not you or I but God (Yes, us) creates life
Touchstone comfort dissolving strife
Michelangelo’s drawn nexus
Europe’s leitmotif. Ich-Du, (Ja Wir). Yesus
A rotten-wrack of empire driven by gain
Aye, but think on Me, and remain
Forgive their wrong for living’s short
Redemptive love, by Christianity sought

Begotten, thus made

Being of one substance

Begotten, thus made

Inductive proof of God, being the source and primary purpose

Being of one substance with our Mothers and Fathers enchained

Having enchanted the forests of our pasts

Mitochondrial and nuclear coding plasma grown

Recombination of lifes and lives

Fur and faeces cleansed and budded all anew

See we go into the dark and see we return

This the sense of my droplet which

Returning by falling

Disperses and dissolves into that which always was


My Brother, whose heart be heaven

Hallowed be thy pain

Which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people

To be the light to enlighten gentling that

Which else skulks within, unbidden and untouching

And see, gurgling churning we return

With Thee, my Heavenly sisters we wrap our presents

Mortalised, embodied, reshaped in material

(Immaterial of itself)

In which we ride and steer and are the piston, brake and all

Your multitude contained in “I”

And it is this (alone) that goes into the dark. Leaving imprint on the

Weft and warp, the beach that ever stretches inward

“I” decelerating in dread with coming of the night

Blinded by febrile time-pinned panic.

Therefore my soul, this ego shed away

For You have been the canvass on which we sketch, and the picture remains


When we take our leave and dispersing by dissolving

The edges of loneliness and hugging close in

Jostling warmth of Heaven readopt

The essence of our potential until the call again

back into the dark to become

The impulse behind and within

Another thread shaped ego.