Letter to Nicola Sturgeon

Dear Nicola

You said on Question Time that “after Scottish independence Scotland and England would be the best of friends and the closest of allies”.

You’re wrong. You must know this.

It is of course possible for a relationship to end and the partners to be friends. Is that not most likely if the feeling on both sides is mutual and the process handled openly and fairly? Do you honestly feel that your approach is consensual and involving of your English partners?

How often do divorcees end up as “the best of friends and the closest of allies” when one party has forced the break up of the marriage.

In this case I strongly suspect that any Scotland-led divorce would be launched on a wave of nationalist fervour. Anti-English racism is bound up with that, particularly when the fight would be over the post-divorce financial settlements between these two new nations. Strong emotions beget intense reactions.

You and your party are being disingenuous and manipulative. Shame. And shame on you.

The number ladder

From zero to hero, the world is born with the appearance of 1. The archetypal boundary is right there in the change from nothing to all. But, one is one and all alone and ever more shall be so.

From 1 to 2, consciousness is possible. Granularity and separation. We can understand existence because we have edge. A within and without. Quantum mechanics shows that everything exists only as a cloud of possibility – until observed. It is the act of knowing that crystallises out reality from potential. Deliberately to mix language – it is witness that causes wavefunction collapse. It is consciousness that creates reality, and that is only possible when edge is born with the advent of the number 2. Duality appears to be a fundamental property of existence. Energy is the flip side of matter (e=mc2), everything is wave and particle simultaneously. Yin is nothing without Yang. Ich and Du embrace and the world unfolds.

From 2 to 3 – unbalanced materialism. The three dimensions of space, but static – going nowhere without time. The trinity – all male of course! A way point en-route to…

The mystic number 4, Jung’s number. The sacred number of alchemy. The four points of the compass and of course the description of all – space-time (the fourth dimension not separate as imagined until Einstein, but integrated). The alchemists believed that moving from 1 to 2 to 3 and then finally adding one to reach 4, integrating back to one was the route to perfection. Jung worked with Wolfgang Pauli to tease out an interrelationship between quantum mechanics and psychology. What synchronicity then that Pauli’s best know contribution was to discover through the exclusion principle that a fourth dimension is needed to describe reality. The three intuitive dimensions of space plus spin.