The Priest and the Physicist – emergent convergence

This week’s issue of the New Scientist features an article by Max Tegmark – “Solid, Liquid, Gas, You” – which is an exposition of his article (see previous post) in Cornell University Press. Essentially it posits consciousness as a different state of matter, in the same way that solid/liquid/gas are different phases. There appears to be some evidence for this. The argument is that as matter complexifies in certain circumstances consciousness arises as an “emergent property” (see God as an emergent property).

This is a mechanical version of Teilhard de Chardin’s hypothesis – that consciousness has always been within matter and inherent in it, and that evolution is the story of phase shifts toward an awareness or consciousness of the glory and love of God. Put another way – what would you call the system where in an emergent reality the whole universe were self-aware, conscious.

What Tegmark calls “Perceptronium”, de Chardin would call the love that is God.



6 thoughts on “The Priest and the Physicist – emergent convergence

  1. I think Tegman plans to eliminate God from his computations — can’t for sure guess; but his theories are reducing consciousness to math that eliminates that there is a purpose from all knowing to that we create reality from all unknowing by our brains and that quantum computers will bring abut the next higher consciousness; probably creating the ultimate humans – cyborgs…
    can’t for sure say and I am aware that I am reducing Tegmans work too – an extreme interpretation – his work is interesting and I am finding out more about it myself.

      • He has a positive momentum and I’m not able to debate his ideas based only on a couple of articles that I read… If seeking truth, there is a problem though because truth in space-time is not God’s source for truth. Seeking God’s will on the other-hand is inclusive of our progress towards Him and thereby we evolve from one perception to another until we are fully able to surrender to His knowledge. Otherwise it seems that knowledge is non-existent quantum possibilities that make for taking it apart to understand it impossible.
        But; with spirit of what you present here in your blog; I agree.

  2. I offer this.. The Truth and the honest search for can not lead astray. However certainly there are many who clothe their own agenda as a search for “truth”. We all have narcissist tendencies. There are those “scientists” who are not searching for The Truth, but to re-inforce their sense of self. It may be that Tegmark is one of these, or not, but if we search honestly, openly and without fear surely we will arrive at Truth..

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