Ancient Existentialism (Wyrd…)

The ancient inhabitants of these, British, Islands believed that fate was constantly spun by the three sisters of Wyrd sitting at the base of the tree of life (Ygddrasil). The metaphor has commonality with many Eastern religions and spiritual traditions.


It seems to me that much cutting edge scientific discovery evidences this world view. Matter and energy are expressions of the same thing (e=mc2), nature is dual – particulate and wave form at the same time. It is observation that crystallises out a particular reality from limitless potential. (Schroedinger’s Cat). We are engines of  observation (I think therefore I am, is that not a statement that our observation is all that we can objectively state?). We are therefore working at the cutting edge of creating this reality, concretising it in time.


AN Whitehead, who after all taught Bertrand Russell and co-authored Principia Mathematica, has a fascinating philosophical take on quantum mechanics. Material causality works forward in time (as we well understand), however mental or spiritual causality works backward in time. This latter appeals to me as a biologist since it seems similar to the well-understood concept of attractors – a shape or morphology that attracts development toward it.


Backward causal spirit/mind  – the future – meets forward causal materiality  – the past – at the cutting edge of the present; and it is at the present that we exist as observation engines.


In other words we, together are the Sisters of Wyrd. We, together, are responsible for reality – with all the countless acts of love and lovelessness..


As a Christian, having experienced the love that underlies all, then I must struggle for that loving reality and oppose the inherent evil of materialism. I best do this, with my Muslim, Jewish, Hindi, Sikh and Buddhist brothers and sisters (and all others) by weaving together small acts of love, joy and compassion.


Will you join me? (Can I join you?)

Have to read….

Ich und Du – Martin Buber
The Science Delusion – Rupert Sheldrake
The Wisdom of Wyrd – Brian Bates
Process and Reality – Alfred North Whitehead
Surprised by Joy – Charles Lewis
Phenomenon of Man – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Jung and Pauli, a meeting of rare minds – Beverley Zabriskie

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