Liberalism, ice and mud

Liberal societies are a healthy stream. Free flowing, oft times turbulent – but with a clarity and purity of involvement and liquid cohesion. 

Unfortunately in the (United) Kingdom this is under threat from two directions. Above there is the freezing over of the clear stream by unrestrained Capitalism. Cutting  society off from the clear air and creating false inward reflections and strange refracted images from the outer world (where others are walking on the icy outer surface).

And below, Nationalism – the stirring of the  rotting sediment of dead fears. Racism, an appeal to the worst archetypes of the other. Muddying and reducing visibility, so that all are trapped in isolation and separation.

How do we keep the liberal stream flowing, with our eye on the common good of shared humanity? We need to see past the manipulation  of politicians (all of them – don’t tell me – ah but x or y is different or better). They just want to trigger our base emotions – why? To keep them in power of course. Instead look around at the man and woman next to you. right now. It’s called loving your neighbour, and it’s a 2,000 year old message…

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