Despise all politicians

Politicians sell dreams, and they want you to avoid nightmares. (The other side). In any event it’s ALWAYS fantasy and not reality. All any of them want is power. Not ours – theirs. They get that if they can turn our attention away from reality – the people around you – to their web of illusion.

Would it not be wonderful if – instead of dreams we dealt in realities. It wouldn’t be grandiose. It wouldn’t be every five years. It would be real people in communities make a new reality happen. Day. By. Day. Let’s just treat politicians (all of them) with the contempt they deserve and focus on neighbours.  Mothers and fathers bringing up children. Individuals helping at charities. Reality is created one smile at a time; hug by hug;  sacrifice by sacrifice. As for this election? Well I for one won’t be disappointed in five years time when all of their dreams prove to be empty. I don’t believe any of them in the first place.

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