it’s a wide pen pinball person


chain link chinks of yer history pal,

we thread a good story through our fingers, pal

(there’s a lot of us I think)

and we catch you in your tale

bounce you in, broad berth,

watch you dance with the drink

I let my body be your house

your whole self

yearning through

your hard thin self.

hot rubber damp room thigh

and if not that, then what?

getting high in between and I think

I’m helping by pulling you in

floating limp blow eyed

you’re in the sky nonetheless

I pull you in

pull you down

But I want to let you go

But you’re too soft to hold

You’re skin’s the bouncy smooth

Of a three day old


And my hands are full.

with the chain, you see

we’re too busy holding sideways to believe

you see,

It’s a wide pen pinball person now,

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