Losing weight

Mass and energy are different aspects of the same thing. We know that since e(nergy) = m(ass) x the speed of light squared (a constant). We also know that Conservation of Energy is one of the other fundamental laws of physics. Energy is never lost, but just changes wavelength (light to heat etc). This does NOT though apply to mass. Mass is NOT conserved.

How can this be? What does it mean in our struggle to understand meaning and existence? We can lose weight, but not energy. What happens to the weightless energy?

Certainly I think materialism isn’t the way forward. Should we focus on being – energistic. I’m told that Hindus think in terms of vibrations, auras and energy flows within their cycles of transformations. Is this where angels live – energy dissociated from mass. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Losing weight

  1. If nature abhors a vacuum, why does it accumulate mass (energy) and utilise gravity to suck in even more? Why not repel mass so that it spreads out nice and evenly and fills the vacuum?

    Oh that’s right, no such thing as nothing, there is only energy. Mass doesn’t actually exist it is just a description that we use to describe how we observe one bunch of energy interacting with another bunch of energy.

    We are energistic, but we focus on our materialistic presentation. How to connect with the energistic more? Meditation. Focus. Don’t know. Will have to watch the matrix again and get some tips. Maybe we aren’t supposed to focus on the energistic during the materialistic phase of our existence. Maybe the point is to experience and learn everything we can in the material world and longing for the energistic is just wasting the opportunity.

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