Scotland is an idea…

… a dream and a gift. Outgoing, passionate, vibrant, edgy, generous, educated, intellectual, yeasty.

What loss to the world if this were once again to be bound to the rock of jingoism and re-contained in the economics of a small land, with a declining and ageing population on the rainy margins of Europe.

2 thoughts on “Scotland is an idea…

  1. With the EU (which is to say unelected eurocrats) currently dictating about 85% of the UK’s laws one has to ask why all the fuss over this so called ‘Scottish independence’?

    In fact how can you even call it ‘independence’ at all? It should be called “Scottish decoupling from England at a time when both countries are being increasingly ruled by the same EU dictatorship anyway”.

    It’s simply can’t be about independence. If it was then Salmond (or whoever) would be campaigning against the centralised fascist/ communist dictatorship / empire being constructed across the channel and how it is the antithesis of independence for ANY nation on the European continent. But he isn’t. No politicians are saying that (well very few). This is because politicians (like everyone else, only more so) are just employed to be sales reps and yes-men for their employers … the banks, the so called ‘global elite’, the movers and shakers in the world etc.

    ‘Scottish independence’ is NOT about independence, it’s about ‘Divide and Conquer’.

    The UK (the general public I mean) are resistant and even opposed to the EU. What better way to pull a reluctant United Kingdom into the United Europe than to first break up the Unity of that Kingdom into smaller more manageable, less unified chunks? Seems pretty obvious to me.

    There was a map published in one of the UK’s national newspapers about five years ago which showed a supposedly wonderful ‘vision for the future of Europe’ (probably put there to test the public’s reaction). The map showed every nation divided up into regions which it shared with bits of other neighbouring nations. And so the south of England and the north of France were merged together into something called the ‘Channel Region’. Other bits of eastern France and western Germany were stuck together, and most of Scotland was joined up with bits of Scandinavia. No more countries, just regions of ‘Europe’.

    Why would the architects of this European Union want to divide up nations like that? The answer is that it breaks down the unity and identity which belonging to a nation gives its people. If the public has a weak sense of identity it’s easier to give them a new identity – such as being a ‘citizen of the United States of Europe’. (within a generation or two people would have forgotten what it was like to be anything else).

    In an ideal world there would be no nations, no borders (and no governments either!). Nation states are in essence just human tax farms run by the bankers and the global elite.

    And the idea of ‘belonging to your country’ has always been used throughout history by those in power to create patriotism (ie blind obedience to your leader) and mindless nationalism (ie racism/ intolerance/ prejudice and the idiotic support for the persecution or even mass murder of people in other nations).

    BUT…… nations (or you could just say ‘geographical areas’) can also unify their populations in POSITIVE ways too, such as resisting the spread of an empire like the EU. And so when those in power want to expand their empires through wars they hype up nationalism and portray neighbouring nations as threats, but when the want to spread out their empires without violence (preferring to use economic and political strategies instead) they always try to erode nationalism and portray neighbouring nations (and their governments) as friends, and even as co dependents in some kind of ever increasing symbiotic relationship.

    The EU is an example of the second strategy. Barroso himself even described the EU as the second roman empire, an empire created “without a single shot being fired” (watch it for yourself here). He also talks about nations ‘pooling their sovereignty’….. Note how he doesn’t describe this more accurately as nations *loosing* their sovereignty to a higher authority. He is of course just a slimy sales rep like all the rest.

    We, the television news watching masses, experience form of this empire take over as ‘harmonisation’, ‘integration’, ‘cross cooperation’, important summits, the European ‘community’…. all very nice-y nice. But it is in reality a cold, clinical take over of all the nations of Europe. It is the creation of a pan European dictatorship by any definition.

    ‘Scottish independence’ is therefore like a field of cows on an island called Britain re-erecting an old fence with help from their farmers, thus creating two fields for themselves instead of one… and then being encouraged by the farmers to declare themselves now ‘independent’ and ‘free’.

    It’s as tragic as it is pathetic.

    One day we will all wise up to this kind of manipulation 🙂

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