Atheism, Narcissim. Same thing.

Nothing can be proved. Neither any kind of God, nor any kind of absence of God. Don’t take my word for it. Read Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Read Heisenberg and Godel.

Any honest discussion about no-God or God equally must always be prefaced by the statement – “I believe”. A-theism is a belief system, like any other.

Since there is no objective start point, personal creeds are founded internally, and then spun up with logic. Like candyfloss. Perhaps Abrahamic religions spring from a direct experience of (and desire for) family and security. Materialist atheism? It seems to me that this is rooted in narcissism. “There is nothing but me. Apres moi le deluge”.

Consider. When do you hear a Dawkins or his ilk start with “I believe”?. Science no more disproves than proves any notion of God. There is no objective and secure start point on which to base logic or experiment. We can’t step outside spacetime or he universe.

They know that, but they don’t say it. Rather, they wrap their evangelism in a tissue of certainty.

My belief is that The convictions of atheists can often be traced to rebellion against a father figure or a child cowering within their ego. Yes, science has brought knowledge. An understanding of “how”. What has that to do with “why” “whither” or “whence”?

Buddhism at least seeks at minimum to do no harm, and to meditate on meaning. And, whatever, you might think about Christianity, at least it’s creed, as repeated Sunday by Sunday, starts honestly with “I believe”.

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