There is an equivalence between the word, rudderless – and udderless. At least for me. You too?

A good-enough mother is, according to Donald Winnicott, necessary to bring an infant across in to the material world. Maternal reverie – the wondering loving reflection of mother to child – helps us to bear the pain of separation. Allows us to feel our new formed human edges and face this life’s loneliness.

Without this service from someone we would be lost – as those Romanian orphans. Remember those agonising images? Of the children abandoned by Ceaucescu’s communist state?

Anyway. I have been lucky to be one of those to have had a good-enough mother. She blessed me with a taste of the love that drives the universe – Dylan Thomas’ “green fuse”. It’s surely up to me and others to try to pass that on. (It is my ego that trips me up)

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