Molecular soup

We are all belong to each other. We aren’t separate ingredients at all..

Profuse connection and abundant writhing change. The two things we truly know.

Your body is a collection of molecules called “I”. And this little bundle of chemicals is in constant flux. In fact they change completely every three years or so. Each of us is physically entirely changed every 1000 days or so. But the sense of “I” continues. Isn’t there a clue here? There will come a moment when a particular set of atoms that is known as “me”  is entirely dispersed amongst billions of other creatures. Bound by covalent bonds to the molecules that are in new generations of  you and me and all that is and ever has been. New realities emerging.  Physically we are a constantly exchanging bubbling molecular soup. We’re not separate at all – either from each other or the rest of the physical world.

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