Begotten, thus made

Being of one substance

Begotten, thus made

Inductive proof of God, being the source and primary purpose

Being of one substance with our Mothers and Fathers enchained

Having enchanted the forests of our pasts

Mitochondrial and nuclear coding plasma grown

Recombination of lifes and lives

Fur and faeces cleansed and budded all anew

See we go into the dark and see we return

This the sense of my droplet which

Returning by falling

Disperses and dissolves into that which always was


My Brother, whose heart be heaven

Hallowed be thy pain

Which Thou hast prepared before the face of all people

To be the light to enlighten gentling that

Which else skulks within, unbidden and untouching

And see, gurgling churning we return

With Thee, my Heavenly sisters we wrap our presents

Mortalised, embodied, reshaped in material

(Immaterial of itself)

In which we ride and steer and are the piston, brake and all

Your multitude contained in “I”

And it is this (alone) that goes into the dark. Leaving imprint on the

Weft and warp, the beach that ever stretches inward

“I” decelerating in dread with coming of the night

Blinded by febrile time-pinned panic.

Therefore my soul, this ego shed away

For You have been the canvass on which we sketch, and the picture remains


When we take our leave and dispersing by dissolving

The edges of loneliness and hugging close in

Jostling warmth of Heaven readopt

The essence of our potential until the call again

back into the dark to become

The impulse behind and within

Another thread shaped ego.

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