The Passionate Shepherd

Come live with me and be my love?


We’ve lived with them and been their love

And we did all their pleasures prove

Their hills and valleys, dales and fields

One with our craggy mountains weald


But live with me and me alone

And we will wish all cares begone

That London sews and Brussels sprouts

From Irish, Welsh and English clouts


If we would steer around the rocks

Of wars and economic shocks

To shallow rivers by whose falls

Melodious birds sing madrigals


We’d own alone our beds of roses

And lie amongst our fragrant posies

Our tartan bonnets and kilted plaid

Proof against a world gone mad


If all the world and love were young

And truth in every politicians tongue

Thy pretty pleasures might me move

To be with thee, alone thy love


But time drives wealth from sea to shore

Where rivers rage and rocks grow raw

And later, you becometh dumb

And then complain of cares to come


Thy flowers fade to spindrift fields

Which wayward winter reckoning yields

Thy siren’s tongue, but heart of gall

A salmon’s spring, but sorrows fall


The roses are not thine to tend

No nation they, to all a friend

And lonely pleasures lonely prove

So stay I shall and be all’s love

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