Diary of a Hypocrite

Diary of a hypcrite. Gemuetlichkeit.. means smug self righteousness and self satisfaction.. a wake up call for all of us who bemoan Brexit Trump etc..I scored 190 in the Sunday Times liberal elite quiz.. every one I know scores over 150…good? Don’t be so sure. The Sunday Times take is as follows (and they have a point)..”over 150? You’ve made it. You are an overeducated elitist snob, part of the detached and superior 5%. When the Brexit result came in you probably coughed up blood. You have no understanding of the lives of the rest of us, and you live in an area where the poor are kept tidily out of sight, until you need them to convert your basement into a kitchen-diner”.

Me? An anti Trump march in London followed by ballet at the Royal Opera House and overnight at my club. But hey, I go to Church most Sundays..


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