Drugs, logical response to a blancmange life.

I’m writing as I sip a glass of wine. Uncontroversial. I was tempted earlier today by the proferred cigarette: as I drank my strong Americano. Uncontroversial.  What then is acceptable about ethanol, nicotine and caffeine – but unacceptable about the range of chemicals my children’s generation might try?  Pure hypocrisy I feel. More though .. Life –  FELT- is about contrast. In the western world we are cocooned from so much that would give us this (contrast). No seasons in our cities, no struggle against starvation, no urgency of cooperation with society for survival. Little experience of death close up and personal. No immediacy of experienced belief in what lies beyond. The result is a  blancmange life. So aren’t drugs just logical? An altered state. A CONTRAST .  Isn’t that why we smoke, booze and drink coffee?

Drugs aren’t any kind of an answer of course, but for those drowning in materialism, they’re quite logical.

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