Born claustroagrophobic

I am (apparently) claustroagrophobic. By nature seeking to be on  the shoulder of all groups, don’t want to be left out, don’t want to be too committed to anything. Ive learned that you do have to commit to achieve anything, but sometimes it still feels uncomfortable. 

It does occur to me, looking around, that I’m not alone in this. In fact alongside a plague of materialism and narcissism isn’t claustroagrophobia another modern human epidemic?

Where does birth fit in to this ? Well, have you ever considered the final condition of the foetus? We were all there once. Cosy, warm, secure. Then increasingly cramped until -wham – we’re out in the scary scary wide world. It’s only Winnicott’s “maternal reverie” and the sure holding environment of a secure infancy that gets us through this. Take that away. What do you get. A plague of claustroagrophobia….

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