Meditation on the Uncreated Light

Hesychasm was (is?) a mystical tradition in the Russian Orthodox Church, led by the monks of Optina Psytin.  They practised medidation on the “Uncreated Light”, which, though present in everything and enveloping all things within itself, is hidden from human beings until, through spiritual training, they are able to perceive it. They practised a form of “praying without ceasing” to that end.

Morning Meditation of the elders at Optina Pystin

Grant that with peaceful minds we may face all this new day is to bring;

Grant us grace to surrender ourselves utterly to Thy divine Will;

Instruct and prepare us in all things for every hour of this day.

Whatever tidings may come to us this day, may we accept them tranquilly, firmly convinced that everything that happens to us fulfils our divinely-willed destiny.

Govern our thoughts and feelings in everything we do or say, granting us the wisdom when to speak and when to remain silent.

When unexpected, unforeseen things happen, let us never forget for even a moment that everything comes from Above.

Teach and guide us that we conduct ourselves in all sincerity and reasonableness toward every other human being, helping us that we bring neither confusion, doubt nor sorrow to anyone.

Bestow upon us, O Lord, strength to endure the weariness this day’s labor will bring, and give us the courage that each of us may bear his full share in all its tasks and events.

Guid Thou our willing, teaching us to pray, to believe, to hope, to bear, to forgive and – above all – to love.


(Thanks to “Vladimir Solviev: Russian Mystic. Paul Allen)


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