Hold on God,I got plans!

..Thy will be done !

Hosanna in the highest


There needs to be some changes in our minds, as Christians.
We need to stop thinking that things NEED to go in a certain order for it to be good,for God to use us.

College, work, house, marriage, kids, retire.

As if we can’t be good if our lives aren’t in the order the world has taught us it needs to be. But with God taking over and using us, we are at our BEST! Regardless of our college dimploma or big bank accounts.

I see people preaching over their lives about this order, speaking over God and telling Him what THEY want. Why would you choose to guide your life when God, the best planner ever, can do it for you? Humble yourself & know that there are bigger things coming your way.

We need to be still, trust Him, listen to him and be ready to be used…

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