Objective Knowledge Is a Myth

Millard's Blog

Objective knowledge as we popularly conceive it is a myth. (“Objective truth” even more so.) Not only is there no such thing, the notion distorts the ultimately subjective nature of all knowledge. Those who believe in “objective knowledge” fail to:

  1. Clearly define “objective.”

    The more realistically “objective” is defined, the closer it turns out to a managed or mitigated form of collective subjective knowledge. The further from subjective the definition is, the more it resembles a presupposed belief in an absolute, universal abstraction no less tenuous than God and with no more evidence that there is any such thing. In fact, to listen to people talk about objective knowledge, substituting “God” for “knowledge” would make little logical or substantive difference to their intent or their point.

  2. Recognize that even if truly objective knowledge exists, it remains meaningless and ineffective until subjectively apprehended.

    (“Subjective” meaning “as it seems to me alone.”)…

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