Carol Craig – Why this optimist is voting No


Part I

The referendum campaign, we’re told, is an intoxicating revival of our battered democracy. However, for me, deciding how to cast my vote has proved the most agonising decision of my life.

Daily, people are framing the referendum campaign and voters’ decisions as essentially about confidence. The Yes side are filled with confidence and optimism in themselves and their country. The Nos are a bunch of underconfident fearties.

And here’s the source of my agony: I share the values of much of the Yes side but I’m minded to vote No. Given the salience of confidence and optimism to the Yes campaign that might strike you as a preposterous position for the author of ‘The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence’ to adopt.

I’ve known for some time that simply by saying I would vote against independence would put me in grave danger of being denounced as a fool, a hypocrite…

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