The hated English ..

The SNP have been devilishly clever. They have built the English middle class into a monster, personified by “Lord Snooty” – David Cameron. All of this in the interest of breaking up our Union.

And who are these hated English Middle class? Syrian Assad torturers? Putin, (who Alex Salmond says he admires) with his phantom army shooting planes out of the sky?

No. I have news for Scots who are tempted to vote for separation. They are your customers. They are related to you, you brother and sister. They fought with you against Hitler. They built the NHS with you, democracy and the welfare state. They helped bail out your banks, and they love you. They are confused by your potential rejection.

And if you did kick them in the teeth, increasing their mortgage payments and pushing the UK back toward recession – do you think.. do you really think .. That these people would want to buy your beef and machine parts? Would they want to come as tourists? To concert with you against a resurgent Russia?

No.. They would be heroic if they didn’t bear a grudge for a generation. They might not, because tolerance is a British virtue, but don’t count on it.

Believe me, if you want to vote “yes” – prepare to be poorer but above all .. Prepare to be disliked by 55 million neiighbours..

Ask yourself this simple question. How would you feel if someone did that to you ?

1 thought on “The hated English ..

  1. Hi Gerv Do you think even after the vote that we are all going to be able to settle down again? Am I going to be able to confidently speak in an English voice without secretly suspecting that I am not welcome? Can I even think about bringing up my grandchild in a country that has declared such nationalistic views? And when will all of thise rise up again? I think we all need to seriously think whether this is just a wake up call and we need to move out anyway.

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