Transnational corporations and authorities – (the EU for instance) increasingly rule our lives. They aren’t subject to our democratic control. We talk to each other via a screen and as “facilitated” by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple. The old way – looking into someone’s eye and talking – is overtaken. What started as an chip brain implant to “help” a disabled person move their limbs becomes the standard way of communicating with the electronic (“for profit”) corporations. If you don’t have “the chip” – you can’t socialise or compete.


(I’m sitting here typing this at lunch as my daughter types something. She’ll probably read this post via the ether..make the point?)


Power disappears upward – away from us mere mortals – to the individuals who control the corporations and transnational governments. You can’t buy or sell anything without your “number”.


And then. Once there is a “world government” to eradicate the “terrorist threat” and nothing can be bought or sold without your “number”. It all falls over. Because as they say “shit happens” – and you just can’t control everything. Funnily enough exponentially increasing global population proves not to be sustainable. Malthus was right. Some kind of disaster happens. And humanity re-enters. People talking to people and in connection with nature not machine.


It’s been predicted for some time. Sound familiar?




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