Atheism’s empty tomb

Check out this week’s Spectator. Atheism’s empty tomb. “new atheists are now hitting the intellectual buffers. The problem that confronts them is as stark as it is simple: our morality has religious roots…A.C Grayling.. reveals a frankly dishonest account of intellectual history.. their unattractive polemics have surely helped to push some semi-Christians off the fence, onto the faithful side – including A.N. Wilson and Diarmaid MacCulloch”.

.. and me. much, perhaps most, new atheism is dishonest and manipulative. I’m particularly struck by Dawkins’ misrepresentation of evolutionary science. (Read Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).  I have often wondered what a professional psychoanalyst would make of the motivation of the atheist evangelists.  (Something, perhaps to do with killing your father?)..


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