The heavy burden of social justice and the weight of racism

I spent this evening with three vibrant and interesting people. Worth listening to. The debate moved between Scottish Nationalism, feminism and social justice. I lived through that shift in Britain from an integrated society toward a materialist “me” and money driven culture.

There is a frustration, almost a scream across many parts of the United Kingdom, raging against social inequality. The facts speak for themselves – since Thatcher and Regan – the  rich have become indescribably wealthy, whilst the poor have become excluded. The argument for Scottish Nationalism that is based around the desire to create a new socially cohesive society is seductive.. There is a heavy burden – the cause of social justice that weighs on their side.


The argument is waged by politicians and the satanic ally they have called up, wittingly or not, racism pure and simple. Anti-English views are just that. Racist. All and any Scot who even jokingly or in aside to themselves justifies a nationalism on this basis is equivalent, in my view with the worst of the past century’s infamous racist leaders. All of them should consult their motivation in the privacy of their homes. Many will not be honest with themselves. To strive for independence on the basis of social justice as a cloak for racism is just despicable.

And further…

Is independence the ONLY route to social justice in the British Isles? Would independence  promote social justice? If so – then it needs to be seriously considered. But what about a vote for socialism. This is the traditional, integrated and well trodden path which successfully confronted unadulterated capitalism.  The conservatives won’t be in power in the UK after the next election if you believe the polls and  history. Indeed they are not in power in the UK now except in coalition. Without Scottish MPs then most of the British Isles would have conservative rule for the foreseeable future. How socially responsible is that?

There are serious and heavy issues in the balance. On the one hand certainly the UK has significant inequalities, injustice and poverty which in an enormously rich nation are scandalous – indeed evil. On the other, a bail out by Scotland (which I believe would immediately become poorer) would only add to the tensions, conflicts and difficulties. And certainly, absolutely with utter certainty – if won by an emotional appeal to anti-English racism – would be set on a dark path.

Which  is the path to a just and integrated society? It is more complex than the simply question that will be put on September 18th. For me however the name calling that the SNP indulge in is the wrong path entirely.

5 thoughts on “The heavy burden of social justice and the weight of racism

  1. Hi Gerv How can social equality be argued as a benefit of the Yes vote when their policies cannot be shown to be economically sustainable and they will potentially ruin the country? Also wanted to make you aware that anyone who publicly argues against the cause is beng attacked and shamed. Comedian Susan Calman is a recent victim.

    • Thanks Sue. Yes, to be absolutely clear I think that the SNP and their fellow travellers are shameful bullies, manipulators. The only way they can win to divorce from the UK is by stirring emotion and hiding the facts, and emotion is closely tied into anti-English sentiment. (Is that not racism?). If they succeed, then result will in my view be a lurch into a radically UNFAIR society. The facts speak for themselves economically. Scotland (and the rest of the UK) will be poorer. Substantially poorer. Outside the EU the young will be excluded from the wider European job and travel market, the old will have their pensions reduced, there will be a dramatic job exodus. Have we forgotten already that the UK as a whole bailed out both the Bank of Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland? Which bank would remain headquartered in a Scotland without the backing of the Bank of England and the whole UK taxpayer base? Scotland would become, again in my view, an inward looking, increasingly bitter and marginalised state on the cold northern edge of Europe.

      But, there are some honest and decent people who support independence. A small minority, but I met one last night. Someone engaged in the Yes campaign because of frustration with the manifest unfairness that has emerged in British society since the Thatcher era, and the consistent inability of (all) politicians to engage openly with their democratic electorate. Some of that frustration is I think leeching into a potential yes vote. Kind of – oh well try something else. This is wrongheaded. Scottish thought has contributed so much to the wider world since the Scottish Enlightenment. Much of the drive behind honourable socialism came from Scots. Many Christian missionaries were Scots. My argument is that the successors to Kier Hardie should be engaged in our whole (British society) as a force for social equality.

      If you like – re-integration as opposed to dis-integration.

      Sorry if my blog (a little in my cups on the train back from Glasgow) gave a false impression. We have to FIGHT the lies, manipulation and bullying from the SNP and their fellow travellers.

  2. Hi gerv did not make it clear that it is yes campaign spearheading social media attacks. Against key people criticising

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