Thinking Faith and Teilhard de Chardin

Teilhard de Chardin



To commemorate the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus by Pope Pius VII, the Jesuits in Britain have produced a special calendar for 2014. The calendar features illustrations of 12 Jesuits from across the world who have been active in various ministries over the past 200 years.

The first of these Jesuit to be featured is Teilhard de Chardin.  Fr. Chris Corbally, SJ of the Vatican Observatory wrote an outstanding piece on the legacy of Teilhard de Chardin as part of the calendar.  You can read the entire article here but set forth below is an extended excerpt:

The account of the universe that modern astronomy unfolds, from the initial, unimaginably intense radiation in the Big Bang to the emergence of primordial hydrogen and helium, and thence via nuclear synthesis in stars to all the elements we find around us on Earth, makes a fascinating…

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