Scottish Independence – Economic Myth

Scotland will be wealthier as a independent nation. An independent Scotland will be one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

Statements that nats would have you believe. An intelligent friend of mine repeated these to me. So for her, and reprinted from David Smith’s article in the Sunday Times 22nd September (and not subsequently denied by the go-loners):

1. The UKs oil production has fallen steadily from a peak in 1998 of 125m tonnes to 40 m tonnes last year and is (independently) forecast to continue to fall
2. Scotland’s per capita public expenditure is 11% higher than the rest of the UK
3. Scotland has over 50% of GDP in the public sector (generating wealth?). This is 5 percentage points higher than the rest of the UK
4. Scotlands trade is 60% with the rest of the UK. In five years since split Czech and Slovak trading with each other fell by more than half. Over the decades since Ireland split with UK trading fell by more than 70%

Divorce from the UK that the Scots eg Keir Hadie built with the
rest of this island – fair enough if openly willed. Do that to be richer? I don’t think so.

We would all be impoverished. Oh, and yes I have an agenda. A man born in England – at home in Scotland over almost 30 years – I fear for an unnecessary release of racism.

1 thought on “Scottish Independence – Economic Myth

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