Hypocrisy and Political Correctness

Political Correctness. What a distasteful phrase.

What is it ? A system of morals – no more no less; but what underlies and underpins it? A belief in God, the sanctity of the individual, a humanist philosophy ? Who knows. Strange then that western society is increasingly bound by its repellant ways. Yes, repellant because it stifles freedom of speech and it makes an outcast of the eccentric. And it does this without having a stated core set of principles that can be rebutted or engaged.

So where is its well-spring? I have a hunch that it flows from socialist atheist cognoscenti. The archetype would be gathered in the Hamstead Borough of Gemuetlichkeit.

I have no problem with many of the apparent mores. I support fairness, equality, loving-kindness. But I can’t abide the dead hand it lays over debate. To be honest I also suspect a hypocrisy at the centre. Socialism espoused by those living in multimillion pound houses, atheism standing on the shoulders of a society won by believers, cognoscenti who perhaps don’t know what they don’t know.

There are good old fashioned systems of morals with well stated values.

Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism to name a few…..

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Political Correctness

  1. There are good old fashioned systems of morals with well stated values.

    Like burning for eternity for not believing in the correct ooga-booga? I think those “good old fashioned” systems of “morals” could use a little work.

    • Don’t believe in burning for eternity. It seems to me that writing off all ooga as booga seems a little generalised. (Or is there nothing to be learned from all of human history and endeavour? We just know better now?)

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